Developed by BlueBuck Projects on behalf of Maitland Ark

Maitland Metro is a private sector initiative dedicated to the development of inclusionary housing and economic growth in the Cape Town suburb of Maitland with public sector support

Maitland Ark is an unlisted privately held, commercial and residential property fund that owns most of the properties in Maitland Metro. By providing safe, affordable and dignified housing, Maitland Ark strives, with public sector cooperation, to transform Maitland Metro into a sustainable precinct that will provide its residents with shorter commutes, improved access to safe public spaces and amenities, and housing opportunities close to work opportunities.


  • To provide dignified housing opportunities for low to middle income households in central Cape Town
  • To reduce the environmental impact of urban sprawl and long commutes
  • To reduce commuting times and costs for residents
  • To provide new office space for call centre operators close to dignified housing opportunities
  • To contribute to the desegregation and inclusive economic development of Cape Town
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Meet the BlueBuck Team

Shaun Reznik

Chief Operating Officer

Vuyo Mthi

Development Manager

Doron Isaacs

Chief Executive Officer

Brad Reingold

Building & Tenants Manager