Major Retail Opportunities in Maitland Metro

Influx of new residents and office workers will create significant opportunities for shops, restaurants and takeaways

The influx of a significant residential population in a node previously limited to light industrial and commercial use will create exciting opportunities for retailers, restaurateurs, and fast food entrepreneurs in Maitland Metro.

Most of the new mixed-use developments planned for the node include ground floor retail, and will be designed and curated to meet the daily needs of the new residents and office workers in Maitland Metro. However, there will always be space for the currently resident ‘mom and pop’ stores, which creates a tenant mix that supports the demands of the area, and must be retained.

Retail and restaurant enquiries welcome

BlueBuck Projects is actively sourcing new retail partners and tenants to take up space in Maitland Metro. There are opportunities that can cater for a large variety of retail, commercial, and even light industrial tenants. New premises can be tailor-designed to major users’ requirements.

Activated street frontages and a variety of tenant offerings will ensure that businesses benefit from the influx of new and existing consumers into the area. The precinct will be pedestrian-oriented and combine land uses, public amenities, and utilities together to allow for residents to live, work, play and shop in one area.

Retail and food outlet enquiries should be addressed to:
Matthew Vermeulen, Blue Buck Projects
Phone +27 74 968 5093

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